About ISBC


The Independent School Benefits Consortium (ISBC) has proven to be a positive benefits solution for member schools. ISBC is a national platform with representatives located near you to deliver a full range of benefits services built on the foundation of service, price, wellness, choice and transparency.

Brief History

Oswald Companies was engaged by the Ohio Association of Independent Schools (OAIS) in 2003 to establish the OAIS Health Insurance Purchasing Program. The 24 founding member schools from Ohio joined together to provide a comprehensive employee benefits program that resulted in:

  • Over $2 million overall premium savings (nearly 20%)
  • Expanded plan offerings
  • A dedicated, proactive service team

With the creation of the consortium, OAIS achieved its original goals: Choice, Price and Service

In 2006, as other schools learned of the program, and with the direction of the OAIS Steering Committee, Oswald explored the opportunity to expand the program beyond Ohio.

In addition to insurance offerings for faculty and staff, the Consortium provides a full range of services that includes:

  • Employee communications (on-line or paper)
  • Individualized benefits counseling
  • Human resources compliance support and Health Care Reform updates
  • Technology resources
  • Customized health management consulting

With the leadership of the Steering Committee and strategic partnerships with Oswald Companies and its partners, the ISBC has grown and will continue to evolve to meet the challenges facing independent schools employee benefits needs. Our ability to identify risk, provide financial leverage and pro-actively promote wellness on an aggregate basis will allow the ISBC to ultimately mitigate the cost of your health insurance program.

Planning and Sustainability

The Steering Committee supports wellness as a means to achieve outstanding results for the group. All member schools are encouraged to implement a wellness or healthy lifestyle program that includes, at a minimum:

  • Adherence to national preventive care guidelines
  • Participation in behavior change programs or biometric screening events

ISBC members who achieve the targets will be rewarded at renewal time with lower premium equivalent adjustments.

The ISBC service team is positioned to assist each school in meeting the Steering Committee’s goals. A dedicated Health Management Consultant will consult each school to define wellness strategies to specifically address the needs and interests of its population.

Be sure to visit the YourISBC website to stay up to date on news within the consortium!