Why osWell?

A One-Stop-Shop for All your Wellness Needs

Healthy organizations need healthy employees to thrive. And a thriving employee is about more than just getting the right health care. This is why osWell is passionate about helping your organization thrive, giving you access to tools to support your wellness strategy.

Easy for HR Team

Our services are designed to give you access to the resources and tools you need to plan, implement and measure wellness programs within your organization.

  • Keep programming fresh with a library of fliers, promotional calendars, and wellness challenges
  • Receive newsletters
  • Easily customize communications with templates and forms
  • See trends with e-survey tools
  • Access the on-demand library of content 24/7
  • Explore best practices

Easy for Employees

  • Designed to be easily understandable
  • Spanish language available
  • Increase wellness awareness
  • Encourages healthy living
  • Engaging style to encourage and reward participation
  • Surveys to assess satisfaction and identify wellness opportunities

Access up-to-date resources including

  • Articles
  • Best practice program guides
  • Pre-designed challenges
  • Survey templates
  • Infographics and more!

Want More?

Call 877.746.0026 or email oswell@oswaldcompanies.com  to learn about these services and additional program options.